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Indi is a coyote-critter of somewhat indeterminate form. Folks of coyote lineage are legendarily polymorphic, and Indi is no exception, usually presenting as a coyote/otter (coyotter) or wolf/otter hybrid, which may be biological or synthetic (Sometimes plushie, sometimes circuit-golem), but is also known to present as a wolf, reindeer, tauntaun, or other various combinations of all of the above

(Current) invariants

  • Indi's pronouns are he/him unless specifically stated otherwise for a specific situation.
  • Indi's gender always falls under the broadest possible 'male' category, in a way that is quite stable yet also frustratingly hard to express.
  • Elanna and Trace are Indi's alphas, and as such are more or less responsible for him.
  • Indi lives at Blazewing Eyrie in a polyamorous relationship with the aforementioned alphas, as well as Elluim and several other folks (who will be linked here when they have accounts)


When it comes to full name, the most-correct one is Indi Latrani Blazewing-Timberpath. The hyphenate last name covers both Indi's alphas (Elanna Blazewing and Trace Timberpath), and "Latrani" is added as a nod to Coyote, one of Indi's patrons (Not that Coyote deserves TOO much acknowledgement; xe knows what sie did). It's often also used as a name for the manufacturer of one or another of Indi's bodies, as a nod to Coyote coming up with this whole artificial yote-thing idea in the first place.

The specifics origin of "Indi" is quite a bit more complicated, and actually factored out of the names imparted by vis three spiritual antecedents: Induction-Coil, Indigo, and Incandescence. There's a sort of 'true-name' underlying all these, but it's only really expressible in Neptunian and the gloss for it is held back as privileged information for usual true-name reasons.

Add up all the above in the Gridworker craftname style, and you get quite a mouthful of a "truly" full name: Induction-Coil Indigo Incandescence, Latrani facit, scribed by Arc-Light of the Lightning Tree, forged by Wyndrift Skysea, quickened by Huxley Phorokynos, under Elanna Blazewing and Trace Timberpath, all of which is far too long to be used in anything but the most formal of formal settings, of the sort Indi would probably not be at anyway.


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