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Blazewing Eyrie is a residence (exocosmic location: Northeast area of Seattle, WA, USA) inhabited by Elanna, Alisandra, Indi, Elluim, and Kauko.

Mythic history

The two-story northwestern home of Elanna Blazewing and her flock was formed in 1952 from the ashes of an old Guardian frontier outpost. Elanna, the Guardian of Transmutation, formerly controlled the Glow Den, which was situated a short flight from this location. Citing lack of a proper landing area, Elanna transferred to the much larger, more appropriate Eyrie in 2015, along with her toy and longtime companion Indi Latrani. Indi primarily resides in the Eyrie’s Junction, amongst the pile of other toys. Joining the pair were Elluim, the Neptunian Ambassador, and Kauko, an avian Elanna had previously uplifted from a lesser form, and transplanted from the dreary Bay Realm. Regular visits from Elanna’s lover owl Ally kept the feather ratio at an acceptable level. Together, the five of them formed the Blazewing Flock, and intend to continue to rest and roost within these walls until such time when something even greater calls.


  • The Hearthroom (Inside the front entrance) is the main gathering area, with plenty of seating, a media center, and the species status board. The hearthroom also contains the house altar.
  • The Junction (Upper floor, through the hearthroom and up the stairs to the right) is a chill space designed for relaxing and cuddling. It has plenty of plushies, with glow and music available upon request. Indi is often found here, but the room is available for use by anyone else who needs it during all Eyrie gatherings.
  • The Dreamatorium (Ground floor, through the kitchen, near the back of the house) has books and games, and a large gaming table, available to be used for spontaneous or planned activities.
  • AV connections and the media library are available in all the above public rooms.
  • The bathroom is past the Hearthroom and to the right, through the door at the end of the very short hall.

Behavior and content policies

The Eyrie is intended to be a comfortable place for all members of the community. Clothing is optional and sexual activity may occur in public areas. Food, alcohol, and non-combusting psychoactives (including vaporizers) may be consumed in any public rooms. Anything that produces smoke should be consumed outside or in specifically-designated areas.

Given that different people have different comfort levels (concerning sexual activity, media content, sensory sensitivities, drug use, or anything else), every Eyrie gathering will keep multiple public spaces available and populated so that anyone who needs to can find one that they are comfortable in. Anyone at any gathering should feel free to move from a room if they are uncomfortable with what's going on there, and everyone is expected to respect the needs of others to find a comfortable place. If you find yourself in a situation where there does not seem to be any space available in which you can be comfortable, inform Elanna (if she is available) or Indi (only if Elanna is not present) and they will help resolve the situation.

The Junction is the only public space with a door. The Junction door will usually be closed during gatherings to help keep noise levels down in that room. The Junction is publicly accessible even if the door is closed, unless the door sign specifies otherwise. All other rooms should be considered occupied and unavailable if the door is closed. This includes the bathroom; please leave the bathroom door open when the room is not in use.

Any food, alcohol and psychoactives that are set out in public areas are considered freely available for responsible shared use by anyone. This includes the alcohol in the liquor cabinet. Any provided consumables that are home-made or not in their original packaging should be labelled giving information on any of the following:

  • Psychoactives (Including alcohol, by type)
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Meat (by type)
  • Nightshades (Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tobacco, by type)
  • Nuts (by type)

Official events

The Eyrie has frequent casual and spontaneous gatherings, but also hosts some community events. These events are open to anyone known to the Eyrie household (Most likely anyone reading this, unless you somehow found it spontaneously) unless the event info specifies otherwise. For further information on these events, the #loc-seattle channel on the Postfurry Embassy Discord is the best place to start; Eyrie denizens are frequently there.

  • Board game nights alternate bi-weekly between Blazewing Eyrie and the Transformation Den
  • Seasonal Rites are held roughly every six weeks, following the wheel of the year. Eyrie denizens and other celebrants gather to give thanks to the spirits and powers that guide us through the year, with food offerings and a small feast afterwards. The ritual is non-sectarian but presented from a polytheist/animist perspective. Anyone attending may participate, or just observe respectfully. More information on these rites, and an announcement list, are available here. Two of these are particularly notable:
    • Glowtide celebrations are held sometime in the last few weeks of the year; the ritual (as mentioned above) on the winter solstice, and a secular event several days later, often on or near New Year's Eve. The latter event includes holiday foods from a variety of traditions, served potluck-style.
    • The Blazetide festival occurs on the summer solstice. It includes a barbecue and potluck, and opportunity for public display and sharing of community crafts and works.