Horn and Ivory

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Horn and Ivory is the general name for a setting used for some of Indi's stories, as well as a story game currently in development. It's an urban fantasy setting based in a world that one might hope is our own, featuring people who change themselves, body and mind, in search of truer personal identities and ideals. The theme and goal of these is one of personal discovery and empowerment, they take some of the trappings that are normally seen in cyberpunk/transhuman fiction, and implement them as results of magic rather than technology, so individuals improve their bodies with magical bodysculpting rather than cyberware, and gather together in an urban spiritworld instead of cyberspace.


Most stories center around a small group of willworkers who call themselves Shapers; people who have found a thread of magic in their dreams that led them to try making those dreams real. One inherent part of Shaper magic is that it changes the wielder's body, though it's always in a way that brings them more in line with something already inside them (whether they know it or not). Therefore, these changes may start off as surprising, but do tend to end up being positive.


  • Demonstration - The first story written for the setting, featuring an experienced Shaper giving a potential initiate a taste of what could be in store. (Transformation, male/male, all ages)
  • Reconciliation - A newly empowered Shaper tries to come to terms with his surprising first change. (Post-transformation, anal, male/male, adult)