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This is a repository for the creative works, informational texts, and tribal knowledge of the Postfurry community. You, the entity reading this, are eligible to put anything you consider postfurry into this wiki, even if nobody else has done it before, including but not limited to personal worlds, philosophy, ethos, characters, worldbuilding projects, and whatever genre of thought you're hoping to find permission to add to this list.

What does this mean? It means that this is a place for postfurries of any stripe to not only describe what they see other people's interpretations of postfurry is, but what their own interpretation of postfurry is. (This interpretation is by definition correct. Postfurry is anything you would like it to be. Seriously.) Postfurry is not an elite. Postfurry is an orchestra. Just because you're not playing the same notes as others, it doesn't mean you're not in harmony. Come make music.

Editing is limited to authorized users. If you want to contribute, just create an account and then you can get started!

Useful Browsing Links

  • Categories - One way of organizing the pages into different subjects and affiliations.
  • All pages - A full list of all site pages, in case you can't remember what's been linked where, or don't know what to search for.

Editing Guidelines

  • This wiki follows the Postfurry Worlds Code of Conduct
  • We have no restrictions against adult text content, but it should be warned for at the top of the page using Template:Content_Note or its alias Template:cn
  • Adult content is not allowed in images hosted on the wiki, but may be linked to.
  • Some suggestions on wiki organization:
    • Check here for basic formatting information, but the best way to learn how to write a wiki page is to look at existing ones. You should be able to view source for any page on the wiki, to figure out how to do any formatting.
    • Please make a page about yourself if you feel comfortable doing so! The best way to do this is to use your automatically-created user page. You can find a link to this page in the top left of the page when logged in. You can also use this as a directory to create subpages for system members by using a / and the desired name after the userpage URL. For example User:Affinity/Cayen is part of the User:Affinity system.
    • We have templates like Template:Under_Construction and Template:stub to mark pages in various levels of completion. If you feel like you can help fill out a stub page, please do!
    • Please use categories for anything that seems reasonable, and create your own as appropriate. A Category link is just a wiki link that starts with Category:. For example, to add something to Category:Characters, just put [[Category:Characters]] at the bottom of the page.