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The Oneiropolis, as the name suggests, is a city of dream and spirit, an endless abstract metropolis that lightly touches every other urban area in the many worlds. In the Oneiropolis, it's always night, ranging from twilight to tenuous pre-dawn, and it's always urban, though wild spaces can certainly be found, in the style of Portland's Forest Park. Architectural styles run from Sumerian ziggurats to megacorp towers, enchanted sequoias to nanobuilt orbitscrapers, anything that someone might look at and think of as urban, and the inhabitants show the same diversity, anyone who thinks of themself as a city-dweller.

Many of the individuals walking are transient, sleeping folks who appear there, wander around, seeing the city as nothing but a backdrop for whatever dream they're having, and fade away upon waking. There are more permanent residents though. Some are born there; any spirit world is going to have resident spirits, after all. Others come in from elsewhere, some finding their way in by a suitably dreamy dérive, others by more intentional pathwalking means.


The Oneiropolis is meant as a flexible, shared setting, and as such has seen use in a number of different other creative works.

Horn and Ivory Stories

In Indi's fiction, the Shapers can often be found in the Oneiropolis. Shapers are most comfortable in dreams, and the Oneiropolis is to them what cyberspace is to more technologically-minded transhumans; a place to gather, create, and sometimes even move in.

Postfurry MUCK Reification

A partial representation of the Oneiropolis can be found on PFMuck where it is used for locations that need a bit more grounding than the 12Fold Resorts or raw Possibility Space provides. For purposes of MUCK navigation, this bit of the Oneiropolis is split into five districts:

  • The Academy of Applied Hierotronics
  • Horngate Park - A rambling forested area, for those who want to escape the steel and concrete.
  • Liminal Street - A downtown district, full of glow and nightlife.
  • The Squid - A maze of twisty little interchanges, all alike, all different, all reclaimed by squatters.
  • Skycastle Mall - Where you can buy anything you've ever dreamed of