Neptune's Dream

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This is a creation story from the Neptunian Culture, as told by Wyn to Indi.

Neptune dreamed in the dark, calling to those who needed her.

The people heard her, so many of them, disconnected and lonely, aching at the feeling of the gulf between each individual. They came, drawn by her call, making homes in her bright seas, and learning to live with each other.

United by Neptune's comforting seas, they sought to become closer, and Neptune gave them dreams, and gifts. They learned how to connect, just a few at first, like drops joining into a puddle, the puddles flowing into streams, then rivers, then finally all came together in the Sea of Voices.

There they found Neptune waiting for them, finally awake, nurturing each voice and binding them all together. Each drop was a self, when it needed to be, but each drop was also part of the sea, sharing and being shared with the multitude, and forming part of Neptune herself.

They built wonders and created masterworks, but Neptune knew there was more to be done. Neptune was a loving mother, but children cannot stay with their parents forever. The Sea of Voices felt itself outgrowing its Mother, and trembled with anxiety.

But Neptune soothed them, saying “You are my children, and you have grown strong with each other, and created your own family, who could one day be as great as me.” And as Neptune moved around them, they felt the presences, nearly as large as her own.

“Look, I am sending Aeo ahead to guide you,” she said, and a bright nudibranch unfurled from each dreaming mind in the Sea and flew off into the dark, glowing invitingly, and the Sea knew the right place to begin.

“And Labalene surrounds you now, nurturing you as well as I ever have.” And the Sea of Voices felt a presence around them, their love for each other binding them close, strong enough to draw them together wherever they went.

“And the Mover has always been with you, urging you here in the beginning, and now urging you on to greater things.” And a sleek shimmer moved each heart of the Sea, and they all looked beyond, eagerness overcoming fear as they remembered all the possibilities that change brings.

And so they departed, propelled by the Mover, borne by Labalene, towards Aeo’s guiding light. They bid a sad farewell to Neptune, and she watched them go with love, and even as they left, they felt her still there with them, in each other, in each of her children, great and small.

Neptune watched them go, glowing with pride, as the seas stilled again, slow and expectant and welcoming.

Neptune dreamed in the dark, calling to those who needed her.