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Neptune is a planetary destination in the 12Fold Resorts, a theme-park rendition of Neptunian Culture

From the Visitor's Guide

One might assume that a planetful of slinky, affectionate, drug-cultivating otters would be exceptionally popular. Yet for some reason, Neptune is often forgotten. Maybe it's because its natives are so damn quiet. Neptune lacks the urbane spectacle and garish self-indulgence of the other planets. Its inhabitants are content with simpler things, and perhaps not so desperate to please.

The silent, contemplative joys of the spaceotters and their kin are not for all tastes. In fact, if one lacks psionic resonance, much Neptunian culture is not perceptible at all. Complimentary prosthetics are available for the mindblind, but the user must be willing to cultivate the appropriate mindset. (The locals call it something like "deep[*tail]@gasp.") If it doesn't work out, you can still borrow some gills and watch the local pretties splash around. The Neptunians are very good with optics, and their triptoys are a marvel even when sober - a state of mind the locals will by no means hold you to.

Travel advisory

Avoid eating the blue kelp with the orange neon dots, unless you are very experienced with your respirator. The resulting gigglefits can cause suffocation and other minor inconveniences in deep water.


Glowy/shiny fetish, bioluminescence, plushies, inflatables, empathogens, aquatic play, wetsuits, respirators and breath control, anonymity, cuddle piles, tantrism, psionic sex, silence, plant bondage, headsets, lamination & waterproofing, and raver/psychedelic fashion.

Points of Interest