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Uranus is a planetary destination in the 12Fold Resorts.

From the Visitor's Guide

Life can flourish in any environment, given time and ingenuity, but Uranus is uniquely challenging. Its very ecosystem was retuned to produce and test products for an ambitious neo-Bolshevik cosmetics cooperative. Unfortunately, a chemical disaster created a chain reaction of nanites and sludge that still covers the land in caustic dusts and carbon-chain monsoons. The sky is perpetually black. The canals run silver-red with slag. The artificial volcanoes seethe with sticky yellow polymers, but the locals just calmly peel the residue off themselves.

Uranians are mostly descended from hardy sub-arctic stock: bears, lynxes, sables, elk, wolves, and various ex-proprietary hybrids. Their culture has Eurasian roots, grim and stoic, with an emphasis on staying one step ahead of the evolutionary curve. Their political system is a frontier anarchy; with the threat of their own ecosystem always at hand, the locals have little interest in making each others' lives more difficult. Uranian humor is black as their sky, their architecture nostalgic and somber, and their cuisine notoriously foul. They are a population always living on the edge, embracing whatever technology and biology might help them (or their next of kin) survive.


Urban decay, hazmat, gas masks, breath control, drugs & paraphernalia, cyborgs, sleaze, wiring and tubes, jury-rigged bodies, and New Wave/cyberpunk fashion.

Points of Interest