Rubber Factory

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The Rubber Factory is an attraction on Neptune, in the 12Fold Resorts.


The factory resides within a great glass dome, shiny and inviting. It has no name, it's simply the rubber factory. The smooth, rounded structure glows with phosphorescent lights and pulses with video screens displaying the staggering array of products offered within. Sex toys of all sorts, living or non, small and large, all shiny, smooth, and colorful. The entranceway has a large set of double doors, always open, and with no guards.

Within the factory, shiny living toys of many species, colors, and genders wander about, cheerfully greeting guests and offering their services. Some seem to be guides, while others are more just part of the scenery. There's a bit of a leaning towards aquatic sorts, with many cetaceans and otters, but everything is represented on some level. All seem happy and energetic, and quite sexual. It's not uncommon to come across a pair of rubbertoys casually pleasuring each other right out in the open. Display rooms show off the various merchandise. The simplest involve large screens where potential customers can sort through interactive images of each toy type, while other rooms are even more interactive. Large playrooms allow for actual testing, with plenty of eager toys ready to show off their features. Others lack many living toys, but have rows of interestingly shaped dildos and buttplugs, or all manner of large latex installations that the locals will be only too happy to help a curious guest into.

Underfoot, the hum of factory machinery rumbles, much of the space obviously underground and not easily accessible. While there are simple toy-making rooms up top for visitors to view and try, clearly the most interesting parts of the factory are kept hidden from casual view. Of course, any of the guides would be happy to lead a special tour down there.