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Prism Grove is a postfurry residence, notable for the Inner Observatory and the hosting of Bandaza. It was formerly known as Transliminal Station β (Often shortened to "Station Beta" or simply "Beta")

Orthocosmic History

Prior to the commencement of the current Transliminal project, th' buni and Electric Keet were members of a prior communal living project called the Lapinian Embassy. In 2010, Keet and th' buni acted to broaden the scope of the Embassy project by including current members of Postfurry MUCK. This initial house was dubbed "Transliminal Station," and served as a proof of concept for other members of the Transliminal community.

In 2014, after consultation with a few real estate agents on the path towards owning an apartment building that could serve as Transliminal Dome, th' buni opted to purchase a house large enough to take in the current occupants of Transliminal Station. The purchase was secured in 2014 January, with occupancy complete in early June. Since the occupants of the house hadn't changed, the decision was made to simply dub the new facility "Station β" and to expand the previous house's name to "Station α". Station α is no longer in operation.


The current roster of occupants at Station Beta is

Past residents of Station Beta include:

Inner Observatory

The Inner Observatory (or simply "the Observatory") is one of the main attractions of Station Beta. The name is both a play on its night-sky décor and its primary purpose, that being of "observing the self" (i.e. meditation, introspection, and spiritual work).