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The Lapinian Embassy is th' buni's communal housing project prior to Transliminal.

Paracosmic History

The Lapinian Embassy in Cascadia was one of the last known "safe houses" for postfurries stuck on Earth in the final days before the Wall.

Orthocosmic History

Th' buni has long held a fascination for group housing, inspired by three specific background events:

  1. Reading Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein while living in Australia with her then-boyfriend, with its Church of All Worlds and its implication of an "emotionally gated community."
  2. Perth's post-college housing community in the 1990s. A surplus of vacant housing and a lack of new apartment construction meant that students and recent graduates could more easily find and afford to rent a house together than to rent or buy an apartment. Large groups of friends would keep their leases coordinated within a few weeks of each other, and every year there would be some degree of roommate-shuffling.
  3. Her first boyfriend suggesting at one point that the two of them, his ex, and his ex's new boyfriend all getting a house together to save costs.

After her first relationship ended, th' buni got together with Electric Keet, and for a brief time the two of them lived by themselves in an apartment in Texas nicknamed the Rathole because of its rodent infestation. Afterwards, they moved into the Pad, their first jointly-chosen living arrangement. Shortly afterwards, however, th' buni got a contact from a then-friend of hers who was leaving the military and needed a place to stay. Keet endorsed the idea of providing a landing space for her, and Erin moved in. This would be the beginning of an ongoing series of roommates over the remainder of Keet's and th' buni's relationship, culminating in what is the present-day Jaqlhive.

Years Nickname Roomnates
1999 to 2000 The Rathole Keet, buni
2000 to 2001-03 The Pad Keet, buni, Erin
2001-03 to 2001-05 Efrain's Keet, buni, Efrain
2001-05 to 2004-05 The Swamp Keet, buni, Jaql, Erin, Erin*, Allie
2004-05 to 2006-10 The Embassy Keet, buni, Allie, Erin, Jaded, Mike, Jaql
2006-10 to 2010-06 The Lapinian Embassy in Cascadia (now the Jaqlhive) Keet, buni, Jaql, Pathia
* Erin lived in the apartment known as the Swamp on two separate occasions.

Not all roommates were present at the same time, but every roommate listed for a given residence lived there at some point.

In early 2008, during one of the many visits to Portland that th' buni and Keet took to see Emanate and Rowan at their home, th' buni had a spiritual revelation that, for all the good she had done walking her path, she had yet to formalize and dedicate herself to the Work she had been doing, having mostly engaged in it on an ad hoc basis up to that point. This revelation, described as "the fourth time she had ever heard from Bear, and the first not the result of quasi-suicidal ideation," would become the basis for inviting together the original group that would later become the basis of the Transliminal project. It would be another six months of planning and one accidental snub — failing to inform Pathia and Jaql of their plans in any semblance of a timely fashion — before the first Transliminal residence, Station α, would come online.