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Pluto is a planetary destination in the 12Fold Resorts.

From the Visitor's Guide

For some reason, the pristine white equines who inhabit Pluto share the name and nature of the Huoyhnhnm race from Gulliver's Travels. They've even adopted the powdered wigs, cornered hats, and greatcoats of Terra's first colonial era, to better match Swift's fantasy. Like their fictional ancestors, the genetically engineered Huoyhnhnms believe in perfect reason and virtue and politely disdain all who fall short of this ideal.

Not surprisingly, the Huoyhnhnm concept of "perfection" is nearly congruent with the Huoyhnhnm concept of "Huoyhnhnm." Few other beings meet their unyielding standards, but they are always willing to help them try. The most maddening thing about the Huoyhnhnms, to outsiders, is that their arrogance is somewhat justified: they are invariably honest, patient, civil, and disciplined to a fault. Sickness and poverty are absolutely unknown among natives, and the Huoyhnhnms must constantly seek outsiders to practice their healing arts upon. They are sworn pacifists, devoted to the advancement of health and scholarship, and most have sworn oaths of service to inferior races. No Huoyhnhnm has ever admitted to any philosophical or moral complexities whatsoever in this mission.


Medical fetish, surgery, drugs, sharp metal things, sensory deprivation, transformation to inorganic materials, body swapping, gags, straitjackets, padded cells, isolation, hormone manipulation, breast expansion, restraints, ponyplay, authority, and retrocolonial/gothic fashion.

Points of Interest