Bloodroot Charitable Sanitarium

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The Bloodroot Charitable Sanitarium is the main attraction on Pluto, in the 12Fold Resorts.


The Bloodroot Charitable Sanitarium is a typical example of a Plutonian hospital for offworlders, which means a lot of peculiar and unsightly things happen to its guests, though it is all of course ultimately for their own good. The admissions procedure is long and thorough, as Huoyhnhms physicians gently map the patient inside and out. Subsequent activity is closely regulated by a humane panopticon system and rigorous daily schedules planned by counselors. As unhealthy traits are invariably discovered, they are treated first with simple therapeutic measures (e.g. prosthetic hoofboots; hay-and-horsemilk diets).

Patients are meanwhile expected to perform simple labor in the Plutonian agricenters to exercise their physical and moral faculties, and audit courses of Houyhnhnm language and etiquette instruction. Intractable cases may be subject to transspecies surgery to correct remaining flaws. Those tragic cases who remain unresponsive are remanded to extended commitment under heavy restraint or sedation, for the good of society and themselves.