Neptunian Trinity

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The Neptunian Trinity is a set of three entities acknowledged in Neptunian myth and metaphysics. Some Neptunians consider them deities, others call them emergent properties of the Mindlink. Few consider them simply metaphor however, as their effect on the link and the culture can be found with little trouble.


Labalene (/ɛn/; Neptunian mother+whale+sea) is the embodiment of Sea, life, and [love]. She is portrayed as a great whale, vast as oceans, who is said to have birthed all life. She is the Neptunian equivalent of an Earth Goddess and Mother Goddess.

The Mover

The Mover corresponds to the Moon, change, and [flow]. Ey is conceived of as a sleek orca-like creature of dark shimmering color, usually only known by eir wake.


Aeo embodies the Sun, energy, and [glow]. Sie is seen as a giant glowing nudibranch, curled up in the sky and casting hir life-giving color and light out into the universe.

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