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Skysquids are a recurring entity in Elluim's narrative, and show up occasionally in any metacosm that he wanders into.


The average skysquid is closer in size to a bus than a person. Their main mantle is about three meters in length, and from tentacle to pentip they stretch to about ten. Younger specimens seem to be roughly four meters in length. Otherwise, they are mainly identical to a common Terran squid, save for a few differences.

Their primary recurring characteristic is a disregard for gravity: their namesake comes from their usually being spotted during clear summer skies. Their chromatophores are far advanced from the Terran cephalopod, capable of becoming nearly invisible, yet the ripple of their swimming through the air is most noticable during summer sunsets. Upon being spotted, they are known to playfully flash their chromatophores, 'pulsing' briefly visible in various neon shades.

They often are innately magical, and one can curry favor with them, often by leaving gifts. Their particular favored substance is anything luminescence: even something leaving something brightly glowing by a window is said to invoke good fortune with them. Sometimes this is aided by a gift of spiritual energy.

Endocosm: Terra

Skysquids are a kind of city-spirit for the Emerald City. Their dominion is transportation, motion, communication, and fluidity. The juxtaposition of closeness to the water and a city of high technology gives them dominion over buses, data-signal, and motion of bodies and ideas. They stress freedom, openness, and interconnectedness to any who seek them as mentors.

Syncosm: Halcyon

On Halcyon, Skysquids occupy a similar niche. They are sentiences borne whole-cloth of the Sea of Voices. They serve the greater dieties somewhat, but are typically friendly to any who are connected to the Sea. Despite being a phenomenon that is detached from physical reality, it is uncommon—but not unheard of—for them to manifest in physical space.