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Furry is pretty much impossible to sum up in a few words. It's experiential and participatory and "I know it when I see it". As such, here's some things that show it:

  • Mike Rugnetta on Fandoms - Discusses furry in the second half, building upon the first half's discussions of internet creativity/fandom in general. Popularized the notion that "Furries are fans of each other."
  • Everyone's a Furry 2k16 by Colin Spacetwinks - An exhaustive and well-researched look through how furry began and grew since the late 70's, and digging into the motives and deeper ideologies behind anti-furry sentiment.
  • Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole - Furries - Something of a companion to the above, covering the first few decades and providiing a lot if primary sources. Content warning for dramatic readings of bigotry.