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Earth is a "planetary" "destination" in the 12Fold Resorts. It originally served as the OOC Lounge on 12FoldMUCK.

From the Visitor's Guide

By order of Mnemocorps of Yllabius, Directive Ester c1(O)ccccc1C(=O)OC, portrayal of Terran culture subsequent to Last Known Good Year (AD 2312) has been rendered Temporarily Unthinkable. In respectful memoriam, we are pleased to offer this simulation of a Terran airport lounge circa 1976[1]. Please enjoy today's selection of period music.

The walls are covered with banks of cathode ray television displays. The screens are labeled 'arrivals' and 'departures,' but they actually display images of your player—yes, you—engaged in their daily business. Once in a while, your other selves glare over their shoulders as if they're being watched.

Interplanetary travelers are encouraged to consult the directory, available at all times and in all locales, for a list of destinations. Overpriced comestibles may be purchased at the snack bar with your 12Fold FunBucks[2]—don't forget to tip your human!


** NONE **

Points of Interest

** NONE **


  1. Airplane flights and remainder of Terra 1976 are under construction. Participants in beta-test flights to Chicago do so at their own risk.
  2. For more info, concentrate on this footnote for five seconds to attract a 12Fold FunBucks FunDrone!