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Strangewarp: a beautiful dream of a golden city, noble and aspiring.

Strangewarp: a rotting ruin of a dying city, bathed in silver moonlight.

A city infested by a plague that jumps from vein to brain to dream to data. A city where your best friends may be monsters. A city that will drain your blood and make you into something better. Something emptier. Something free of care and woe.

A city long laid dying. Come join the maggots that vie for control of its corpse.

Warning: snuffplay abounds. You don't care. You're immortal. Right? You're not? Well, don't say we didn't warn you. We never hid the thorns from you.

No, really: parts of the city operate under more extreme rules of consent. It's perfectly okay to write "Sophia sinks her claws into Charlotte's chest, pulling out what passes for her heart!" and expect Charlotte to take that hit... as long as you do the same when she retaliates. No dodging. Never dodge. Revel in the consequences, however painful they may be.




Variously, in different times and different places:

here is an unedited undigested pile of Peggy's plans for the area. TL;DR: the environment is Utena x Bloodborne, and the whole area has moods that slowly change from day to day - sometimes it's able to put a polite, welcoming face atop its shattered insanity, sometimes it's not. How this will be reconciled with Charmwarp also being very Utena is anyone's guess; we'll work it out.

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