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This is a repository for the creative works, informational texts, and tribal knowledge of the Postfurry community.

Editing is limited to authorized users. If you want to contribute, just create an account and then you can get started!

Entry Points

Topics of Interest

  • What is Furry? - No one knows, but here's some resources to help you think about it.
  • What is Postfurry? - If the above is hard, then imagine the challenge here. But here's some ideas we've had!
  • Puzzlebox - Foundational postfurry worldbuilding weirdness
  • Glossary - Explanation of other novel terms that appear on this wiki
  • Residences - Those who've gathered together in the exocosm
  • Celebrations - Our own personal yearly traditions
  • Syncosms - Our shared worlds
  • Metaphysics - Personal mythologies, belief systems, and magical frameworks

Editing Guidelines

We don't have any hard-and-fast rules, but we do have a few suggestions that will help keep things easily navigable.

  • We need content! Check the Wanted Pages and Stubs lists to see if there's anything you can contribute, and to make sure you use page names that match existing links.
  • If you want to create a page about yourself, use your automatically-created user page, accessible by clicking the head icon in the top left and then your name in the menu below.
  • Create wiki links with brackets and standard spacing, [[like this]] rather than running words together ("WikiWords"). MediaWiki is built to have wiki links with natural spacing, anything else just introduces extra aliases, usually.
  • Use categories liberally. If you think it makes sense to have a category that doesn't exist, feel free to create it!