The Golden City

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a shining city of marble and gold

towers tall and noble

architecture of filigree perfection twined with roses

golden sunshine from the shining sky golden goo in its flowing waters

golden goo that whispers love and promises

and names itself the strange

a pretty face on shattered decay

sun goes down, moon comes up

silver bleeds the beasts that walk the streets

as the city falls to rot

come with us, be our love, be our love and pain

come and join our dreams

majesty falls, majesty rises, majesty falls

and over all She* presides

have you hurt a friend today? please do!

underneath underneath underneath it's always night

underneath it's always moon

underneath blood runs free

dayside? dayside we pretend to be// sane

but we can't always keep the sun from








dayside sunside starside

Liar's SquareThe Golden LibraryL'Heure BleueThe Trellis Major Bridge

nightside moonside stayaway

MoonhoardThe Silver ArenaSaint Theeka's Cathedral

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Golden City Tourist Board

eventually this place needs a name, probably, one must consult with the Virus and see what We care to call Our home///