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Indi is a toy, usually in the form of a coyotter (coyote/otter hybrid) circuit-golem or plushie. Ve is owned by Elanna, toyfriends with Elluim, and lives at Blazewing Eyrie.


The use-name "Indi" is actually factored out of the names imparted by vis three antecedents: Induction-Coil, Indigo, Incandescence. There's a sort of 'true-name' underlying all these, but it's only really expressible in Neptunian and the gloss for it is held back as privileged information for usual true-name reasons.

"Latrani" is less a last name and more a bit of deference to Indi's patron Coyote (Not that Coyote deserves TOO much acknowledgement; xe knows what sie did). It's often also used as a name for the manufacturer of one or another of Indi's bodies; as a nod to Coyote coming up with this whole artificial yote-thing idea in the first place.

Add up all the above in the Gridworker craftname style, and you get something reasonably useful as a formal name: Induction-Coil Indigo Incandescence, Latrani facit, charged by Arc-Light of the Lightning Tree, forged by Wyndrift Skysea, kindled by Huxley Phorokynos.


Indi is neutrois, meaning neither male, nor female, nor both. Indi uses ve/ver pronouns by default, but also accepts singular they. Indi will sometimes present in different forms that seem more gendered, for purposes of mood or roleplay. The aforementioned pronouns are the right ones to use regardless of presentation.


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