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This document dates to an earlier instance of this wiki and is very likely not current with the metaplot.

The Eisenstimmen (nicknamed "Rivethearts") could be mistaken safely for a benign splinter faction of the Architects— but not to either group's face. Both factions share an interest in archaic industrial systems as performance art, but the Eisenstimmen abhor the same sadistic legalism and depersonalization that the Architects fetishize.

The Eisenstimmen vision of industry is individualistic and expressive, based on a love of noise, labor, and machinery for their own sakes. Eisenstimmen factories are imposing affairs, part sweatshop, part dance club, part academic salon, and part tribal conclave. Many of their factories exist to produce nothing but interesting sound and movement. All their labor is voluntary and inhumanly disciplined. In fact, many Rivethearts have industrial machinery built directly into their bodies— the clunkier and more functional, the better.

The archetypal Eisenstimmen personality melds a stoic, boisterous exterior with a sensitive, sincere heart. They are an intellectual bunch, but frown upon empty ornamentation in both objects and people. They have little patience for those they consider fools, liars, or fops, and tend to be very blunt speakers. The Eisenstimmen are virtually synonymous with Down. They find Up far too quiet, Top too insincere, and Charm too frivolous. Bored Rivethearts have been known to drop heroic doses of hallucinogens and visit Bottom in leather and metal clad mobs of over a hundred. Really bored ones have been known to eat fistfuls of fear-blockers and visit Strangewarp in full hazmat gear, armed to the teeth with and decryption grenades and fixklez guns.