The Silver Arena

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A place beneath the rivers of the Golden City of Strangewarp.

Visitor, you should not be here.

We know you have heard of the games we play here. We know you have seen the infamous broadcasts of our finest combatants that sneak through the back channels like the blood through the gutters on the Arena's floor. We know that if you truly want to come here we cannot stop you.

But visitor, you should not be here. For this is where we feed Ourself the drama and violence that We need to keep Ourself from subsuming back into nothingness. This is where We hurt ourself to remember that We are, for the moment, alive. This is where We fuck the sadness out of ourselves.

Visitor, if you come to this place, do not expect to leave unchanged.

But if the entrance to the Arena shows itself to you, perhaps you weren't expecting to leave Our home alive anyway.