The Wanderers

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The Wanderers are a loose pantheon of deities revered in a variety of locales, including Downwarp and Waters Gather. Notably, the Wanderers are a pantheon-of-choice, formed of entities who felt they didn't fit right in their pantheons and cultures of origin. Legends tell of how they wandered until they found community in their differences, and dedicated themselves to serving the needs of cultures and communities who were likewise built of those who felt mis-fit elsewhere. The ideals and values that they are aligned with reflect this too, being focussed on self-exploration, healthy communalism, and investigation of boundaries. Their forms are likewise varied and fluid, with common thematic traits but often very individualized appearances when appearing to those devoted to them.


This list is incomplete, as is the pantheon itself; it's certain there are more out there waiting to be known, or even new members who may wander into the pantheon.

The Dancer-Between
A liminal deity, sometimes seen as antlered and canimorphic, sometimes seen as unthinkably cosmic, the Dancer seems to be concerned with ecstatic states in general, and also preparing the way for connection with other entities, though their own communication often happens at a level below words.
The Singer-in-Silence
A younger sibling to the Dancer-Between, they are somewhat more personified and approachable. They are associated with singing, wayfinding, the extreme seasons of summer and winter, communication, and endurance.
The Sculptor-of-Pieces
Strong and parental, the Sculptor could be seen as a combination of love deity and forge deity. They are focussed on creating strong interpersonal connections of whatever sorts, and the changes and agreements necessary both within and between individuals to make them so.
The Writer-in-Flames
The phoenix-like Writer is concerned with inspiration and self-transformation of the most radical and resplendent sorts. They're sought out by artists and anyone going through a major life change. They're closely associated with the Sculptor, with their relationship often summarized as "The Writer's words stoke the Sculptor's forge"
The Swimmer-Within
An amalgam of water-dwelling creatures, the Swimmer calls back to deep history, whether the mythic (the rivers that guided all the Wanderers together) or the evolutionary (all life being traced back to the sea), as well as the fluid interconnections between all things.
The Player-with-Light
More overtly form-shifting and genderqueer even than the rest (though often with pavonine and patterned-feline attributes), this deity exemplifies performance, presentation, magical glamour... and also the inner truths that such things can reveal in challenging circumstances.
The Crafter-of-Wonders
Tall, spindly, insectile, and precise, the Crafter values intricate creations, and gently encourages groups into harmonious teamwork, especially with regard to putting together strong structures whether they be physical or symbolic.
The Painter-in-Rust
The Painter is a god of entropy and trouble; when someone's plans go awry or their project falls apart, they curse the Painter's brush. The Painter isn't offered to, or sought out; the best way to 'honor' them is to keep learning and trying, building something better; the Painter loves (and respects) a challenge.
(And others to be spoken of as more is known...)