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Venus is a planetary destination in the 12Fold Resorts.

From the Visitor's Guide

Before it was ceded to the so-called 'Amazon Bunnies,' Venus was a half-terraformed factory ruin full of Terran consumer-electronics detritus. From this trash, the Venusians grew from a Terran agronomy experiment -- the last solar race to achieve emancipation -- to a stable society of skilled mechanics and biotechnicians. Most remarkably, the lapines of Venus achieved this high level of technology as a technoshamanistic hunter-gatherer* society, picking through the bounteous junk the Terrans left them.

The Amazon Bunnies owed both their distinctive neon-orange pelts and the peculiar genetic structures to harmless nanotech devices in the local flora. Lacking genetic males of their own, they reproduced through parthenogenesis and (preferably) the occasional bit of captive breeding stock. Slaves were exploited, firmly but fairly gently; the tradition of manumission after a year of good behavior made Venus a very popular tourist destination.


Rope bondage, femdom, slavery, feminization, body paints, ritual, breeding, ponyplay, petplay, hallucinogens, aphrodisiacs, tentacles, and neotribal fashion.


While the Lapinian Tribes are strict vegetarians, there is some rather formidable plantlife on Venus. See also: "brothel vines; oedipus tree."

Points of Interest