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Saturn is a planetary destination in the 12Fold Resorts.

From the Visitor's Guide

The radiotelepathic cephalopods who inhabit Saturn are actually indigenous life forms, not Terran creations! In fact, their existence was at first dismissed as a crackpot theory. First human contact came from the investigation of a Terran colony that vanished after transmitting video of the entire crew, arranged neatly in order of rank, singing 'I'm a Little Teapot.' The signal was traced back to the Hypnosquid, who seemed not to understand why there was anything wrong with editing their (eagerly, retroactively consenting) captives for their own amusement. This 'if we can pry you up, you're not nailed down' attitude persists in Saturnine interplanetary affairs.

The Hypnosquid culture revolves almost completely around brainhacking. Hatchling squid are trained in the constant, playful probing and editing of each other's minds. This early training prepares them to manipulate the less sophisticated, and thus less tractable, minds of mammals. Hypnosis is something like a game or a religion to the Squid. They never seem to put their abductees to any practical purpose whatsoever. Captives end up as good collectibles and conversation pieces -- toys, not slaves, with bizarre and hyperspecialized personalities.


Hypnosis, abduction, antennae, roboticization, dehumanization, synchronization, implants, amnesia, language inhibition, personality modules, remote control, mind control helmets, living dolls, trigger words, Weird Science, ultrasubmission, recruitment & contagion, automatism, plastic bondage, mechanization, being put on display, lamination, and future fashion.

Points of Interest