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This document dates to an earlier instance of this wiki and is very likely not current with the metaplot.

The Plurals arose from the inevitable urge to put the Mess's ubiquitous cloning, bodysculpt, and mindbeam facilities to artistic use. A Plural typically consists of between 2 and 10 bodies, although Plurals of up to 1200 bodies are known. The mental configuration of each Plural varies but always includes some commonality that gives the impression all its bodies share a single soul. Favorite methods include p2p mindshare, hypnotic integration via PDKL-95, and Corsican Implant surgery.

Each Plural typically chooses a single design theme to unite all *r bodies— one rainbow color each, for example, or five identical bodies but only one can speak, or a rotating sampler of twelve popular genders. Many Plurals choose a single theme upon becoming Plural and stick with it; some are radical shapeshifters first and Plurals second and change themes as one might change clothing. These casual polymorphs are generally warmly welcomed— Plurals are nothing if not inclusive. (In fact, rumor has it that some Plurals are so inclusive, they're scheming to make all sentient life on Puzzlebox into one big happy collective mind...)

Plurals, unsurprisingly, can show up anywhere, but they're particularly fond of Up and Charm.