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Mars is a planetary destination in the 12Fold Resorts.

From the Visitor's Guide

The solar races were all the by-products of Terran military experiments in artificial evolution. But the Martians were the most obvious attempt at a soldier race, huge red hermaphroditic tigers full of natural weaponry and pugnacious instinct. But Martian tigers exemplified the feline disposition even better than their mooncat neighbors - impulsive, selfish, lazy, distractable - so it's no surprise they didn't conquer the humans a single planet.

Martian culture was an anarcho-monarchy, based around casual aggression and the indulgence of appetites. 'Whether the Martians love you or hate you,' cautioned one Terran ambassador, 'arrive poorly flavored.' As invaders, Martian tigers were less like soldiers and more like demanding houseguests, interested mostly in showing off their stylish plastic uniforms and collecting sex slaves. Their warcamps invariably degenerated into decadent, aimless revelry. Even the enemy was welcome -- as long as they acknowledged who was the fiercest, loudest, and shiniest.


Biting, scratching, rough sex, group sex, androgyny, abduction, boots, gloves, harnesses, corsets, latex, rayguns, hermaphrodites, big gals, minor macrophilia, playful faux-vore, foodplay, predator/prey roles, glitter, and technofetish fashion.

Points of Interest