Asteroid Belt

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The Asteroid Belt is a destination in the 12Fold Resorts.

From the Visitor's Guide

The real Belt Spiders were not a civilization so much as an estranged sisterhood of cybernetic spiders. Engineered by Terrans for use as asteroid miners, the Spiderborg's recreational use of their Gongoozler drives gradually bent their minds beyond mortal reach. The eldest wound up as giggly oracles, full of bizarre extradimensional wisdom, but even young spiders were prone to bizarre fixations. Common examples of Belter hobbies included spouting nonsense poetry, having their gaskets filled with fizzy liquids, using the native alphabet to induce seizures in other races, holding interminable Mad Tea ceremonies in warpspace, and racing at high velocities into asteroids.

In the interests of our guests' amusement, we have made these diversions available in special SaneSafed™ display rooms, but based the main Belter pavilion on biotech industry agitporn recovered from late 24th century orison-tape. The Rocketspiders of Terran erotopop fantasy lived in huge biotech hives hollowed into asteroids. They seemed to devote an inordinate amount of their time to building, transforming, and displaying their collections of goo-dripping, mutated drone-mammals.


Insectoids, antennae, multilimbs, oviposition, creepycute, lamination, etiquette games, venom, Web bondage, transformation & mutation, weird alteration of body fluids, contagion, hiveminds, psychological dehumanization, hormone & pheromone control, parasites, and weird physiology.

Points of Interest