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Senemura is a female-presenting white manticore with a mohawk composed of long black spines. She has black horns on her forehead, and many other spines and spikes cover her body: hooked spikes to either side of her chin, dual clawlike spikes on the back of each of her hands, a band of spikes across her chest, and so on. She is not easy to hug.

She is a wingless manticore with a long, prehensile tail fitted with a retractable intoxicating stinger. To most organic metabolisms, her venom induces euphoria. It does not impair judgment or affect the subject's ability to consent. Even so she keeps the stinger retracted and is careful not to sting anyone without their express consent.

Her spikes make most clothing difficult. When she cant go naked, she prefers an imilexene coat. The substance resembles black PVC, can be worked around her spikes, and can be configured to form a variety of garments (but always black and shiny). She usually keeps it as a black trenchcoat, with as little on as possible underneath.

Sen lives and works out of a hole-in-the-wall studio in Estrigan Alley off of Rue Tasloi, one of the more erratic districts in Strangewarp. She is an artist, usually working in metal plating and filigree. Her tool is a thesmet, which draws on the instantiator field for raw materials and her skill using it to create works of complexity and beauty. She normally keeps it wrapped like a bracelet around one wrist, allowing her to create artwork between her bare hands when she's bored, or spread art across any surface like growing vines.

She is a quiet but generally good-natured creature. She doesn't want to see anyone she cares about hurting, although she often feels powerless to do anything about it. She will sometimes do a trick like pulling a flower from the air just to try and cheer someone up. She often doesn't know what to say, or feels like words have no value— you can say anything to mean anything, so why speak? Her art seems like a more powerful way to touch people... but even that doesn't seem to help people sometimes.

How can you reach someone? How can you get to where you know they really understand you? Words usually don't do it. Art does it sometimes, but not often. People seem so far away. She engages with them, they act like she's close to them, but she doesn't feel close at all. She doesn't know what she has to do to feel that connection. She's gonna figure it out though.