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One fateful day, a normal everyday transdimensional entity posing as a human was bitten by a radioactive Speak&Spell and became... the Electric Keet! Now, bestowed with the brute strength of an innocent child and the imaginative wonder of ten gorillas, she devotes her new-found æsthetic sensibilities to a variety of creative pursuits.

She will work for chocolate, cannabis, or pixelfish.


Keet (as she is commonly known) is married to th’ buni, resides in Transliminal Station β, and spends far too much of her time collecting and sorting retro videogame music. She nearly always utilises Commonwealth spellings when typing in English, mostly as an exercise to keep her proofreading skills sharp.


Electric Keet (also Keet)

This is her generally preferred name. She’s used this absurdist autonym for over two-thirds of her life, and can legally conduct business with this name in Washington State. She usually portrays herself as an anthropomorphic snow-leopard.

Jessie Tracer (also Jessie)

This is her legal name, acceptable for general purposes. Use of this name grows increasingly scarce over time, however.

th’ qiti, th’ squnqi, th’ poni, &c.

These nicknames correspond to whichever species she’s presenting herself as at any given time. This can change at a moment’s notice (or at a suggestion) so there is no expectation of accuracy – in shorter terms, don’t feel bad about a wrong guess. As a matter of frequency, “th’ qiti” is a safe and recognisable default, corresponding to her snow leopard form.
th’ bugi
Eccentric Kern (changeling)
This nickname corresponds to her representation as a changeling (or “ponybug”) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with the implication that this is her “default” form, with all others being temporary affectations. Changelings appear to have equuoid proportions with strong insectoid features, but they can use magic to appear as other forms and are naturally skilled behavioural mimics. While changelings are rumoured to have a propensity for cocooning living beings to feed from while laying eggs in caves and attics, Keet may be safely assumed to have no interest in such activity; she gains more than adequate sustenance by harmlessly “skimming off the top” of the ambient emotional energy of nearby friends.
Eccentric Kern (also Kern)
Eccentric Kern (Lunar pony)
In the naming tradition of such, this is her moniker in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
and related cosms, in which she is most often portrayed as a Lunar pony (also known as a “thestral” or “bat-pony”).
Gemini Star (also Gem)
Gemini Star
Similarly, this is one of her headpeople in MLP:FIM cosms, a pegasus. Outside of that context, Keet is generally known by this name instead among the MLP fan community.

ZZ-00569/α “Zedda”

Depending on context, Zedda is either a distinct character or a filtered aspect of Keet, appearing as a greyscale anthropomorphic snow leopard in TRON 2.0-styled digital regalia. Her irises and circuit-traces emit an amber glow at a wavelength of approximately 595 nanometres.


  • Electric Keet came to the United States of America in 1978 as a diplomatic emissary from Honalee, and served as ambassador until 1996.
  • Electric Keet enjoyed a brief tryst with the typeface Optima but the relationship fell apart because Optima simply couldn't deal with being meowed at during coitus.
  • Electric Keet is an ordained minister in the Church of the SubGenius.
  • Electric Keet once took a shotgun blast to the abdomen, but instantly regenerated the damage.
  • Electric Keet has arranged a celestial-themed cover of the "Green Greens" theme from the game Kirby's Adventure that will take 340 years to perform on the E-sharp telliophone, a keyboard instrument of her own design.
  • Electric Keet has a fondness for filling out Wiki pages with information of dubious origin.
  • Electric Keet fights crime with a modified Speak&Spell and a devil-may-care attitude.
  • Electric Keet can bilocate.
  • Electric Keet took on Uwe Boll in the boxing ring and technically defeated him in round two, but agreed to call it a tie in exchange for a walk-on role in the film Postal.
  • Electric Keet held the honorary title of Empress Norton IV for eight minutes in 2014.
  • Electric Keet wears a size eighteen spacesuit.
  • Electric Keet is the creator of the font used for every typewriter in official use within the Equestrian government centre of Canterlot. In recognition of her service, she was granted the title "Lady Eccentric Kern" and allowed one full hour to huff the night-sky mane of Princess Luna, the Honoured Moon of Equestria.
  • Electric Keet invented the unique and complex chemical process by which spandex is dyed purple.
  • Electric Keet is the reason that bilinear filtering no longer thinks of itself as monolinear, and has been tentatively experimenting with trilinearism.
  • Electric Keet is in no way ripping off Kibo's style.