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Postfurry MUCK is a Fuzzball MUCK server for the Postfurry community, meant to accommodate socialization, creative worldbuilding, and kinky typesex. It has a website at and the MUCK server itself can be accessed at port 4444 (5555 via SSL). The MUCK is considered semi-private, with user creations managed via admin vetting from an online request form. The most reliable way to get an account is to be referred by an active account-holder, but the admins will also authorize others on a case by case basis, based on vetting and personal conversation.

The MUCK is small and often fairly quiet, with a peak connection count around 10 active users (20 total, including idlers). The most active times are usually weekday nights, from about 7PM to midnight Pacific time. Most public activity happens in one or two rooms, but the actual active rooms vary based on time of year and mood of inhabitants. Use the 'wa' command on the MUCK to see where the action currently is.

Getting Started

If you're interested in getting onto PFMuck, first check out the MUCK homepage and request a character. Once that's done, full documentation can be found both on the tutorials and on the MUCK server itself.

Points of Interest

The MUCK has a distributed, ad-hoc layout, encompassing many different worlds only loosely connected. The main goal is to provide a place for any sort of RP or world-development that anyone wants to do. It is currently the primary virtual manifestation of several syncosms:


In the mid 2000's, many of the early PuzzleboxMUCK inhabitants were looking for a new place to go without the increasingly convoluted continuity and expectations of that RP-heavy environment. They wanted to create a new place from scratch that was inherently geared toward free-wheeling low-continuity roleplay and open sexuality. The original MUCK landscape consisted of one room, the Oneirolith Impact Crater, which included an abstract fanciful description that encouraged more development. Initially, access to the server was by invitation only, with the admins only creating accounts for people they knew and were confident would maintain the fragile social vibe, rather than become sprawling and unmaintainable, the fate that they believed befell PuzzleboxMUCK.

Quite a bit more ad-hoc building ensued over the next couple months, but eventually the admins decided they'd like to establish a more specific structure that encouraged the sorts of interaction that the MUCK was originally built for. They built the 12Fold Resorts, a hyperrealistic representation of a mythic version of the Sol system, recontextualized as a theme park, and renamed the place 12Fold MUCK after them. They also raised the profile of the MUCK among the postfurry community, increasing the population and activity on the server.

The 12Fold structure worked well for a while, but some building continued that didn't fit closely with the theme. The Oneriopolis area was created in the late 2000s as an alternative context to support locations that did not quite fit in as part of the interplanetary theme park. Over the next few years, more Oneiropolis districts and features were added, and the MUCK topology and location listings were adjusted slightly to feature different areas on more of an equal footing.

Finally, in late 2013 the MUCK got its biggest reconfiguration since the initial introduction of the 12Fold worlds. All building was maintained, but a new central area was created that went back to the MUCK's highly abstract beginnings, with clear links off to the 12Fold Resort, the Oneiropolis, and more. The MUCK itself was renamed to Postfurry MUCK, to reflect the broader community-based theme, and the website was launched that included a character request system.