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"As you will so will it be".

Some places that's a prayer, or a spell, or a rite; here it's the literal truth. Whenever a fully intelligent, independent mind wills something, that's just the way it is.

The locals get along fine, creating a sort of flexible metareality. Newcomers and tourists, though? You aren't used to it so you send will splashing everywhere, random changes all around. 

Some of you split off into your own little sub-realities when your will and everyone else's gets too divergent. We haul some of those back, but the fun part about that is you can never tell if you got the original or one of the umpteen shards they might have split off into.

That's all..kind of annoying. So we have the greeters, like me. We explain how things work, keeping you distracted while we smooth you over so you don't have all that pesky will projecting everywhere.

Because remember it's only fully intelligent, fully independent will that works here.

Good toy.