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Paracosmic History

Station α served as the original set of the wildly popular "Transliminal Station" situation-tragicomedy series. The series itself focuses on a "Real Galaxy" style show featuring residents of multiple planets coerced — politely, with all consent negotiations monitored by Lunar squid-monitors and a contingent of Neptunian happiness engineers — into cohabitation. The original show featured a Belt-spider which was ejected with great fanfare at the end of Season One, which is likely partially responsible for the creation of the Dance of Prettiest Refusal that is issued every year from the vicinity of Ceres during the celebration of Bandaza. After that cast error was gently corrected, a small rotating cast of secondary characters ensured the ongoing freshness of the series until its sudden relocation to a new set, Station β. It's rumored that an outbreak of Westphall-17 and the fictionalization of several members of the recording crew forced the change of venue to prevent waveform collapse of one of the series' main characters, but this is hearsay and cannot be substantiated by any surviving oneiroseismic readings.

Orthocosmic History

The first of the Transliminal residences, Station α was formed when the former residents of Charmdown Park and the Lapinian Embassy in Cascadia came together to experiment with shared hosusing to reduce collective living costs and provide better collective material and spiritual support for the community.

Resident Arrived Departed
th' buni Founding Closure
Electric Keet Founding Closure
Kin Founding Closure
Rik Founding Closure
Peganthyrus Founding Year 1
Trouffee Year 2 Year 3
Emanate Founding Year 3
Rowan Founding Closure
Timber Year 4 Year 4

After four years of renting a house from a landlord, th' buni decided to pursue investigations into home ownership as a step towards building Transliminal Dome. While this was originally met with some skepticism and disquiet, she did her best to sell this to the remaining residents over several months, ultimately culminating in her decision to buy Station β less than a mile from the previous house. The move into the new home was completed in 2014 June, and Station Alpha was officially considered "decommissioned."