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This document dates to an earlier instance of this wiki and is very likely not current with the metaplot.

The Strangevirus contorts the bodies and mind of all it invades, turning them into creatures cold and alien. The Hemotopians are unique only for making the death of the soul into haute couture. Those who join this faction typically choose to appear as pale, androgynous, beautiful youth with luxurious clothing and gruesome abnormalities. Their "fashion" emphasizes the horrid resilience the Virus gives its hosts (e.g.: stitched-on smiles, exposed innards tied in pretty bows, nominally-fatal piercings, unhealing tattoos).

Hemotopian culture is anarchistic. It's also courtly, catty and somewhat competitive. Hemotopians tend to roam in cliques of up to a dozen, looking for unwary visitors and less beautiful viral hosts to torment. Members who fail to live up to their ever-changing sense of fashion, or offend a more persuasive host, are promptly and brutally ostracized. Often, the Virus will even leave their body in a snit, leaving their body mods— and their old comrades— to give them a good killing.

The Hemotopians do often venture outside of Strange to cause trouble, but generally take precautions not to spread the Virus. It's not that they give a fuck about you. They just don't think you deserve it.