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This document dates to an earlier instance of this wiki and is very likely not current with the metaplot.

This is a shadowy religious order thataims to revive a mythic Vinyl Age, when music was rightfully fast, loud, and Satanic. The Cathedral is founded upon the doctrine of "pre-emptive discord": the entropic decay of the universe is irreversible. But there is one song, as yet unwritten, which will encode the principles of entropy perfectly within its thrashing guitar chords. And if that song is played loudly and drunkenly enough to a sufficiently unruly audience, all present will be raptured from this dying universe in a state of perfect nihilistic grace, and the singer will reign over them for eternity. While they wait for the Great Gig, acolytes of the Fever Cathedral occupy themselves with devotionals of rough kinky sex, stage makeup, recreational psychosis, explosives, and surprisingly inventive acts of vandalism.

The Fever Cathedral is most powerful in Downwarp, but it has a "darkwave" splinter in Strangewarp. This subfaction is considered scary even by other Fever Acolytes, not to mention extremely depressing. The Strange Creed is considered heretical by the Down Creed, in particular for excessive dependence on analog synthesizers.