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This document dates to an earlier instance of this wiki and is very likely not current with the metaplot.

The Chitin Queens are an enigmatic faction of femme insectoids with a reputation for skillful social manipulation and unnerving patience. Typical Chitin Queen style blends images of refined feminine power with grotesque forms of beauty borrowed from the invertebrate phyla. Some Queens belong natively to such species while others merely adopt the "bug" look through body art and costuming. Some even take the opposite extreme, living as a tiny symbiote within a harem of brainless host clones.

With characteristic reserve, Chitin Queens never discuss, nor tolerate outside speculation upon, whether a particular Queen was born or made. If you're wondering whether there are such things as "Chitin Drones", just find somebody who asked too many questions about a Chitin Queen's private life. They'll answer exactly as they were told to, verbatim; the Queens are exacting about manners and very, very good with "pentitentiary neurosculpture".

In general, the image of the Chitin Queens is cold, self-interested, and eccentric, but also civilized, elegant, and (within their own byzantine law) fair. The Queens are most active and overt in Topwarp, but are thought to have hives hidden in every Warp, including Strange.