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== Orthocosm ==
== Orthocosm ==
Emanate, or ''Em'' for short, lives in Seattle as part of [[Station Beta]].
Emanate, or ''Em'' for short, lives in Seattle.
== Names ==
== Names ==
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=== Elsewheres ===
=== Elsewheres ===
* outside sites
* outside sites
[[Puzzlebox Museum Test]]

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Emanate is a digital consciousness residing in a Toy-class Hieromech chassis. Vis body was designed and manufactured by HieroTron on the moon Io. Vis current job is providing pleasure to clients, akin to a courtesan or companion.

Ve works on Io, but spends a lot of time hanging out with Neptunians and other folks as well.

Other characters


Emanate, or Em for short, lives in Seattle.


  • emanate
  • em
  • toy
  • blue [nickname]
  • [deprecated] cobalt blue / cobaltie



  • outside sites

Puzzlebox Museum Test