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This document dates to an earlier instance of this wiki and is very likely not current with the metaplot.

The Architects are an "creative anachronism" group devoted to the aesthetic appreciation of oppression, authority, and social manipulation. They are self-styled connoisseurs of the insidious and the brutal, finding a sort of elegance in the ease with which sentient beings can be enlisted in their own captivity. Many Architects are in it for the sense of power, and struggle to rise in their clubs' arbitrary ranks. Others seem to be seeking respite from the dizzying freedom of Puzzleboxian post-scarcity, and are content to be ruled.

Architects are not too warmly welcomed anywhere in the Mess, but they've been known to have extensive cells in Upwarp, who will at least concede their admirable efficiency, with lesser presence in Downwarp (where they're particularly despised) and Topwarp. Charmwarp and Bottomwarp generally won't sit still long enough to produce good proles; Strangewarp chews or burns through leashes.